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Getting Started with the Event Handler

An event handler is essential to process the data, which Discord sends to you.

With a good implementation, you will have a nice code structure and thus have a good overview in long term.

Since the EventEmitter class is commonly used you probably already know it from other libraries.

Discordeno decided against it as it comes with several downsides which are mentioned below.

  • It's easy to create memory leaks, when you add too many listeners or go carelessly with it.
  • Many fragmented parts of event code complicate maintenance.
  • ErrorHandling is difficult and debugging is harder when many listeners are open for the same events.

Performance plays a more important role than handling, however this event management system can be easily implemented since it only needs a few changes in your code.

In the following we will show you, how to create an event manager, which is compatible with Discordeno's Client.