# Discordeno

Discord API library for Deno (opens new window)

Discord (opens new window) Lint Test

# Features

  • Secure & stable: Discordeno is secure and stable. One of the greatest issues with almost every library is stability; types are outdated, less (or minimal) parity with the API, core maintainers have quit or no longer actively maintain the library, and whatnot. Discordeno, on the other hand, is actively maintained to ensure great performance and convenience. Moreover, it internally checks all missing permissions before forwarding a request to the Discord API so that the client does not get globally-banned by Discord.
  • Simple, Efficient, & Lightweight: Discordeno is simplistic, easy-to-use, versatile while being efficient and lightweight. Follows Convention Over Configuration (opens new window) design paradigm ― prefers defaults options or values that are recommended by Discord or the best configuration for the majority of the users.
  • Functional API (opens new window): Functional API ensures an overall concise yet performant code while removing the difficulties of extending built-in classes and inheritance. Learn more about class-free JavaScript (opens new window)

# Read me first...

Discordeno is cool right? You could make the next big bot! Who knows, but before we get right into developing our Bot. We want to get started with learning the basics...

You've seen how amazing Discord Bots are built and functioned! So beginning with Discordeno always starts with learning the TypeScript and/or JavaScript programming languages first. Making a Discord bot with very little knowledge is possible, it can be a challenge! You may end up dealing with Console errors or just syntax typographical errors...

If you are new to Discordeno, TypeScript or JavaScript, here are some great resources:

There are always more resources... Take your time and don't fret! Come back when you are ready, we can't wait to see what your Discordeno created bot does!

Last Updated: 4/12/2021, 10:08:08 AM